Increasingly college students are returning to check overseas!

The number of students going abroad to study is increasing. However, they opt for Europe more!

Covid-19 will not have stopped young people from wanting to study abroad. And for good reason, the number of students leaving France to study is increasing. Nonetheless, many of them stay in Europe, for security. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Erasmus programs are gradually increasing

Covid-19 has turned many things upside down, including Erasmus programs for students looking to study abroad. Since the crisis passed, little by little Erasmus trips were able to start again.

Erasmus is a program that allows students to study abroad, either for a semester or even a year. The goal ? Learn a new language, immerse yourself in another culture or meet new people.

Thus, to encourage students to return abroad, the european commission launched a new project at the end of 2021: digital european map available on the Erasmus+ app.

Yes, going out is good, but going out safely is better! This way, no more paperwork and wait days to get your European card. Practical, right?

With the European card in your pocket, all you need to do is pack your bags. But for which country? It turns out that the most popular destinations for students are not the farthest from France.

In fact, Germany is in 4th position. So England comes in 3rd, even if Brexit doesn’t help no way. Finally, the first two places go to Italy and Spain. It’s no wonder that the sun, the beach or the party make young people want to travel. It is no wonder that the rate of students going abroad is increasing. MCE TV says more!

More and more students are going abroad.

The students themselves say that, it’s a relief to finally be able to leave abroad for their studies. And it shows in the numbers!

In fact, the rate of French students on mobility in the last five years increased 26%. That said, coming out of the health crisis, students prefer to play it safe and mostly pack their bags in Europe.

“I wanted to stay in Europe and even within the European Union, if the situation deteriorates.”, a student told the daily Le Parisien. This student, for example, chose the Netherlands.

However, other factors lead students to choose Europe. Taiwan, for example, only accepts dual-degree students. In Asia, schools favor distance learning. Also, some countries are not possible, like Russia for example.

Especially since going out thousands of miles away or in the country next door will not change the experience. “Sharing with different cultures over a long period of time, gives us a lot of strength for the future. »another student told Le Parisien.

FYI, the French aren’t the only ones traveling in Erasmus. “We welcome a large number of Spaniards this year, much more than usual. They must have had the exact same thought as us.”said Élodie Saint-Yves, director of international mobility at Rennes School of Business.

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