France Éducation worldwide, on the service of training, coaching and the French language in Europe and worldwide

Its missions fit within the government’s priorities in terms of international cooperation. The establishment coordinates or monitors the actions of ministry operators and partners around educational projects abroad. It is a leading player in Francophonie in Africa and adopts a co-construction approach with the educational institutions of beneficiary countries, carries out specialization projects and offers tailor-made training. Finally, France Éducation international works to make France an international reference in terms of education, based on international comparisons.

A first field of activity for the FEI concerns The cooperation in the fields of school education, technical and vocational training and higher education. The operator is committed to the dissemination of quality education for all, a factor of individual emancipation, sustainable growth and reduction of inequalities, according to its values, in particular solidarity with the South.

The FEI mobilizes to defend education in tolerance and promotes citizenship integrating respect for difference. The institution’s participation in the project DAMAGED (Gender awareness and transformation for equality*) is the illustration. Launched in December 2019 and funded by the European Union, this project aims to inventory and bring together the initiatives developed in Bulgarian, Danish, Spanish, Finnish and French primary schools, with a view to establishing a culture of equality and cooperation between girls and boys, but also propose recommendations to policy makers. The project will end in November 2022.

The FEI also responds to the major educational challenges of today (improving the employability of young people, developing life skills, supporting educational reforms) and leading projects aimed at training teachers and educational managers. For example, FEI is a partner in the project EQUIP (Sudan’s Education Quality Improvement Program**) whose second part opened in June 2021 for a period of three years. Implemented by Expertise France, this program aims to strengthen the qualification of primary school teachers in Sudan. FEI brings its technical expertise to the development of this project in terms of international education and training.

The FEI also enters support, support at the IEducation from and inside frankvs.the world, through the training of trainers and executives andeducation as well as certification in modern languages.

Firstly, the FEI supports public policies in favor of French, in particular through projects in the Solidarity Fund for Innovative Projects (FSPI) of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. Over the period 2021-2022, interventions were implemented under 6 FSPI projects: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Central America, Tunisia and South Africa. Also noteworthy was the launch of a major project to support the extension of French as a living language 2 in Egypt, financed by the French Development Agency (AFD), in which the FEI is the main partner in a consortium that brings together Réseau Canopé and the French Institute in Egypt.

The FEI also supports teaching professionals from and inside French through a plural training offer, recently declined in digital format to adapt to the health context. The digital university winter 2022 BELC thus registered a record number of graduates with 232 participants, from 29 nationalities and representing 44 countries. Regional BELCs are also on the program in 2022, in Uruguay, Côte d’Ivoire, Spain and Thailand, and witness the resumption of activity almost all over the world.

The specialization unit of the FEI French language department accompanies AEFE educational establishments to obtain the FrancEducation Seal. Created in 2012, this seal is awarded by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to French-speaking bilingual courses of excellence in local institutions that offer reinforced teaching of the French language and at least one non-linguistic subject in French, in accordance with the official program of the host country.

The FEI also offers ongoing support for bilingual French-speaking institutions. In fact, in 2021, FEI experts participated in 25 training and specialization actions to support the development of bilingual education. The year 2021 also marks the development of the website the multilingual thread, which offers quality resources, ready to use and accessible for free. The development of joint projects with the partners of the Wiresuch as ADEB (Association for the development of bi-plurilingual education) or TV5MONDE, is one of the team’s priorities.

The FEI provides the administrative and pedagogical management of a series of certifications in French as a foreign language on behalf of the Ministry of National Education: the DILF, the DELF, the DALF and the TCF. It also offers the Ev@lang placement test that assesses French, English and Arabic. Due to the health context, exam sessions were temporarily suspended in 2020, but gradually resumed. 2021 was a very rich year for FEI FLE and foreign language exams and tests. For example, TCF exam centers registered a record number of candidates: more than 219,000 candidates were registered in the 10,629 sessions organized within the FEI network of 763 approved centers worldwide.

2021 was also the year the app was launched LEARN-EV@LANG. Developed in partnership with the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), this test helps primary and secondary school teachers as well as educational supervisors from the 23 countries of the “APPRENDRE” program to assess their level of French.

Finally, the FEI works in favor of international mobility. To support the international opening of French education policy, the establishment implements various mobility programs for high school students, students and teachers. In this area, the return to the pre-pandemic situation is confirmed. Nearly 3,500 modern foreign language assistants from 66 countries have been deployed to France as of October 1, 2021. Likewise, more than 1,300 French language assistants have left for 23 countries.

With the ENIC-NARIC France centre, the FEI guarantees the recognition of foreign diplomas. It issues certificates of comparability or recognition of periods of study. These facilitate the reading of foreign academic paths, particularly in the context of a job search or a project to pursue studies. It also informs individuals and institutions about the recognition of foreign degrees in France and French degrees abroad. In 2021, the center experienced an unprecedented increase in its activities, highlighted by a growth of more than 50% in the number of applications for a certificate of comparability of diplomas compared to 2020. The FEI pays special attention to the recognition of diplomas of persons refugees in France, particularly in the context of the Ukrainian conflict.



The Laboratory of Innovation and Resources in Education (LIRE) develops increasingly close collaborations with the entire French digital education ecosystem – EdTech – and participates in the international promotion of the French digital offer throughout France. It also manages a current documentary fund on educational and reference policies in French as a foreign language and offers a catalog of documentary resources on the LISEO portal.


O International Journal of Education of Sèvres is a comparative magazine, which focuses on educational topics that are the subject of debate in the world. Edited by the FEI, it publishes three issues a year in French for an audience of education officials and actors, academics and researchers in the education sciences. The latest issue, “(S)’educate through engagement”, published in January 2022, studies the relationship between education, citizenship and youth engagement, in France and internationally.

* Gender awareness and transformation for equality

** Sudan Education Quality Improvement Program

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