5 good causes to favor cities aside from Paris to your research

Director and playwright Sacha Guitry said: “To be a Parisian is not to be born in Paris, it is to be reborn there”. land of promises, ” City of Lights “ and object of all fantasies: the capital continues to seduce and attract a large number ofstudents every year. This is “where things happen”. And still! Paris it is far from the only city in this case and still has a number of disadvantages. He is criticized, in particular, for material constraints, cost of living, difficulties in finding accommodation, time spent on public transport, feelings of loneliness or frustration, social debasement, need for integration “new codes” … Without forgetting that the health crisis did not help, accentuating the urban exodus.

unlike others cities and regions radiate potential. But which one to choose for your studies? Here is an inventory and our advice to guide your wishes or your applications.

Cities where it’s good to study

The 2022 list of the best student cities in France, according to l’Étudiant

Every year, the student media evaluates French cities to establish a ranking, according to a plurality of elements. Let’s emphasize the methodology: 43 urban units – defined by INSEE, in which more than 8,000 students live – were evaluated according to 5 families of criteria and 16 indicators. The 2021-2022 school year is therefore no exception to the rule and sees Toulouse voted best student city for the fifth year in a row! Lyon and Rennes follow, who have the same number of points. With good reason: these three cities offer a living environment exceptional, many Employment Opportunitiesof Training diverse and varied, as well as a student life attractive.

So, here are the Top 10 best student cities:

  1. toulouse
  2. Lyon
  3. reindeer
  4. strasbourg
  5. Montpellier
  6. nantes
  7. Grenoble
  8. bordeaux
  9. Paris
  10. Marseille-Aix

Obviously, other French cities stand out positively according to specific criteria. There is, therefore, a plurality of rankings, focused on training (richness of offer, score of prepas and grande écoles, license success rate…), on the living environment (day and night transport, housing, weather conditions .. .), or student life (cultural offer, local initiatives…), attractiveness (number of students in total, percentage of foreign students…) and employment (number, dynamism of employment over 10 years, unemployment rate…).

For example, nice is quite well observed in these last criteria. Indeed, the rich cultural offer of the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes is not negligible. The classification of part of the city as a UNESCO World Heritage Site confirms this asset. Likewise, it shines internationally with the reception in 2019-2020 of 4,500 foreign students, that is, 14% of the young people enrolled in the university. It is also worth noting that Nice is home to the largest technology park in Europe in the industrial and technology sectors. Recognized worldwide, it responds to the name Sophia Antipolis and brings together no less than 2,500 companies, synonymous with professional opportunities. As proof: 1,000 new jobs are created there every year!

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In parallel with his overall classification, the Student also asked students in the social networks have one “second opinion”. The criteria used were the following: environment, quality of life, health and housing. Strasbourg stands out in this ranking, with a student recommendation rate of 99%. Far behind, the city of Paris seems to be shunned by young people, who place it in 32nd position. Here are the Top 10 of the best cities by and for students:

  1. strasbourg
  2. La Rochelle
  3. Lille
  4. reindeer
  5. toulouse
  6. Lyon
  7. Clermont Ferrand
  8. caen
  9. Rage
  10. Dijon

Faced with the current climate emergency, the Student also asked respondents to rate cities against a new criterion: the environment (and the city’s commitment to that). results ? La Rochelle, Strasbourg, Rennes, Nancy and Paris are the best rated.

The UNEF student union 2022 ranking in rents

What are the cheapest cities in the Ile-de-France region? Where are rentals most affordable? Is it common to have difficulty making ends meet? The UNEF (National Union of Students of France) has examined these questions. Because if studies have a costthe part of accommodation in expenses. It should be noted that with equivalent training, this can influence decision making. Note that 16 cities in France have an average income above €500/month. Paris ranks first in the ranking of the most expensive cities, with an average income of €850/month. Discover the ranking of the least expensive cities:

  1. Le Mans (average rent: €353)
  2. Poitiers (average income: €356)
  3. Limoges (average rent: €357)
  4. Brest (average income: €359)
  5. Saint-Etienne (average rent: €362)
  6. Pau (average income: €378)
  7. Perpignan (average rent: €379)
  8. Besançon (average income: €385)
  9. Clermont-Ferrand (average rent: €392)
  10. Angers (average income: €398)

What should we take away from all these rankings? Paris is good, but there are better.

5 reasons to go somewhere else

Not convinced by these Tops? Cities outside of Ile-de-France have several resources to promote, to convince you to study there.

1. Specializations that cannot be found in Paris

Obviously the choice of your future job, your Training and therefore of your school, take precedence over other criteria such as student life, for example. And to differentiate themselves from Parisian structures, universities and schools in other regions do not lack assets. they offer specific coursesof singular optionsof unique specializationsof dual differential licenses… Typically, the faculty of La Rochelle has chosen to focus their training on the marine environment. The diplomas and lessons from Toulouse, the undisputed leader in aeronautics and aerospace, are also oriented accordingly. At the same time, Mediterranean schools focused their efforts on tourism and events. That’s right ! Millions of visitors flock to the Côte d’Azur every year to enjoy the beach, luxury boutiques, gourmet restaurants, the atmosphere of Nice’s carnival or the Promenade des Anglais.

“The region is very dynamic and is developing every year. Many sectors of activity such as tourism, events, digital and the environment are very attractive. The Mediterranean job offer is very lively. The Esccom school therefore trains its future graduates to cultivate this tendency and, above all, to become its main actors.underlines Edouard Loriot, director of work-study services at the aforementioned school.

We therefore advise you to refine your professional project, support your research and thus discover Provençal nuggets.

2. A different and better pace of life

Neighborhoods where life is good, better climate, landscapes worthy of a postcard, natural spaces in abundance, reasonable rents… And all this, far from the frenzy of Paris. All these arguments have enough to convince some. The possibility of doing everything on foot due to the cut “more human” of the city, can also be an asset. The most important thing is therefore to identify your ideal living environment. The sea or the mountain? The city center or the periphery?

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3. Less anonymity

In recent years, universities and schools outside Paris have seen their rankings rise. The reason ? Monitoring students, the pedagogy adopted, supervision, proximitybenevolence, the fact that it is no longer a name among others…

“Esccom school has the particularity of being a school on a human scale. In fact, on both the Cannes and Nice campuses, supervisory teams call students by their first name, we know their professional projects, their ambitions, their strengths (and also their shortcomings). There is real support. We train future professionals both in human terms and in terms of skills to be acquired. “Small in size, big in soul”. The student experience is then different.”explains Anne Laure Branchu, Director of the Nice Campus.

In this sense, it is easier to create links. A fact that also applies to friendly meetings. Some cities are actually more relational, more conducive to this open-mindedness, warmer. In this sense, Topito published in March 2022, the ranking of cities “where people are friendlier”. The main trio consists of Lille, Lyon and Toulouse. The city of Paris is in the 13th position of this Top15.

4. These culturally rich regions

It’s true that Paris has so much to offer, it makes you dizzy. But some cities need not be ashamed of their cultural offer facing the capital. For example, Nancy presents itself as the capital of new art and as a city rich in history. It is also officially the most cultural city in France, according to Holidu. Avignon, the City of Popes, is also associated with the theater capital. Aix-en-Provence is also very attractive and remember that Paul Cézanne grew up here. Finally, this part is also an opportunity to mention the Cannes Film Festival – an international cult film festival – which took place from the 17th to the 28th of May. This event illuminates the town of the same name and its Croisette.

5. Future prospects

If we associate Paris with professional offers, know that several metropolises shine for their attractiveness and dynamism. In addition, several large regions are recruiting enormously, such as Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, New Aquitaine and the PACA region.

“We keep repeating: the Mediterranean workforce is extremely dynamic. Large companies are present, SMEs and start-ups are setting up every day, the proximity to Monaco and Italy opens the door to international markets, the Sophia Antipolis technology park is home to hundreds of innovative and exciting companies… . To think that in Nice and its surroundings there is no work is a non-reality. And if you want to see it to believe it, the Esccom school will welcome your professional endeavors with open arms. And believe me, they will be satisfied.”declares Edouard Loriot, Director of Work-Study Services.

“A few years ago, studying in the Alpes-Maritimes had almost only the advantage of the sun and the proximity to the beach. Today is added to these indisputable elements: pool of jobs that it is recruiting, attractive sectors of activity, dynamic student life, cultural life in full swing, inspiring outdoor environment… And the Esccom school is obviously there! »concludes Sophie Rolland, Communications Manager of the aforementioned school.

Thus, a range of personal criteria is taken into account when choosing studies. The best advice we can give is to listen to yourself, do what you like and go where you want.

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