GB: the federal government questions the election of a pupil union chief

The UK government this week called for an inquiry into the election of the president of the country’s largest student body, claiming her victory could be overturned due to her failure to recognize the definition required by the International Holocaust Remembrance. . The president of the United Kingdom’s National Union of Students (NUS), Shaima Dallali, … Read more

The idea that COVID-19 originated in a US lab in Ukraine is making the rounds on the Chinese language net

Chinese social media platforms were sparked by a conspiracy claiming that COVID-19 was made by an American lab in Ukraine. The origin of this fake news comes from an article published on Wednesday by GlobalTimesa Chinese Communist Party tabloid, titled “British Research Reveals COVID Was Manufactured by American Company.” On Twitter’s Chinese counterpart Weibo, a … Read more

Battle suspends scholar mobility in Ukraine and Russia

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict that has been going on for a week has immediate repercussions on international mobility and the permanence of students established in Russia or Ukraine. Despite the restrictions imposed, higher education institutions are somehow organizing the repatriation of French students. In the context created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, February … Read more

France Éducation worldwide, on the service of training, coaching and the French language in Europe and worldwide

Its missions fit within the government’s priorities in terms of international cooperation. The establishment coordinates or monitors the actions of ministry operators and partners around educational projects abroad. It is a leading player in Francophonie in Africa and adopts a co-construction approach with the educational institutions of beneficiary countries, carries out specialization projects and offers … Read more

F. Debouck (College of Lyon): “We’re going to rework the present Comue into a brand new authorized standing”

After several failures on the Lyon website, you announced a “profound transformation of COMUE by the end of 2023”. What will be the main changes? The Comue had reached an impasse with three major difficulties. On the one hand, a loss of meaning. The idea was to build a target university as a foreshadowing in … Read more

The 4-day week examined on a big scale within the UK

About sixty companies will participate in this test, which should involve about 3,000 employees. “My first idea was to volunteer, then I thought I could do something else, learn a new skilllike particle physics, explains Louis Bloomsfield, who also plans to spend more time with his family. “There’s so much you can do with an … Read more

EU: Ukraine’s candidacy nonetheless below dialogue

reserved for subscribers The Commission is preparing an undoubtedly positive opinion on Ukraine’s official candidate status for membership, but the unanimity of the 27 has not yet been achieved. Ursula von der Leyen and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell were received in Kiev by Volodymyr Zelensky on 8 April. © STRINGER / … Read more