After the tornadoes, a dry storm “Mud Bowl” crossed the central United States

Less than a week lateroutbreak giant tornadoes on Friday, December 10th, another impressive phenomenon crossed the central United States: a powder bowldry storm with gusts of over 170 km/h. The presence of a low pressure system, associated with the WarmWarm record that lasts since the beginning of December in part of the United States, contributed … Read more

america reveals its military of 2030

The tactics and military strategy of the American army will undergo a profound revolution in the coming years. On the battlefields of the future, the US Army will deploy large ultra-connected, multi-weapon units. Virtual reality and simulations will provide soldiers with operational experiences while limiting costs and risks. For its communication, the US military regularly … Read more

“Once I went to review in Germany, I didn’t know a phrase of German”

Having your Master’s application turned down at Oxford could be a chance. The proof, the course of the British Phoebe Brunt. “Before applying to Augsburg, I applied to Oxford. When I received the rejection letter, I was disappointed but also relieved because studying there for postgraduate studies would have cost me several tens of thousands … Read more

New governance to rescue Canadian sport

I tried to see if there was a common thread in the hundreds of abuses of all kinds that have erupted in various sports across the country in recent years. The list is starting to get long. Rather than pointing the finger at anyone, I want to suggest a possible solution. Of course, there is … Read more

Within the UK, Penny Mordaunt, the opposite candidate for 10 Downing Avenue

The resignation of British Prime Minister Liz Truss on 20 October 2022 triggered a new Conservative Party internal vote to nominate a successor before 28 October. A vote that is interrupted on October 24, since the candidate Penny Mordaunt, current Minister of Relations with Parliament, did not get the necessary sponsorship from the deputies. It … Read more

Individualism and studying – Thot Cursus

“The positive side of modern individualism is giving everyone more responsibility and autonomy, its negative side is degrading solidarity and increasing loneliness” Edgar Morin The following text is inspired by the thinking of Pierre Le Coz, philosopher, specialist in ethics The issue that runs through Pierre Le Coz is that of the contradictions between “being … Read more

Finding out within the Île-de-France area: a large and multidisciplinary coaching provide

In terms of higher education and research, Île-de-France is the region of all records. It is – by far – the richest in number of students and the most comprehensive in terms of training courses. Whatever your choice of orientation, you’ll find the right shoe there. In 2020, the Île-de-France region received 734,000 students, i.e. … Read more

Research in Poland: Franco-Polish Program in Administration – ​​MBA, College of Łódź

The Franco-Polish MBA type management program at the University of Łódź, in cooperation with the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University (IAE), has been running continuously for 30 years. It is the only program of its kind to offer postgraduate international management studies conducted in both French and English. This solution allows joint study for French … Read more

Quebec and its areas: Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

Located between the north of Lac Saint-Jean and the mouth of the famous Saguenay fjord, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is often described as a country in its own right due to its isolation during a long winter period. Its inhabitants are nicknamed “Blueberries” due to the strong presence of this berry that grows in this territory, mainly in … Read more